A Fearless Percussive Gypsy

“I have always been a percussive gypsy throughout time”

Couldn’t have said it better if I tried. From a dancer, to a jewelry creator, to a communicator through sound Danielle has paved her way throughout this lifetime using her body as her ultimate instrument.
Her understanding of energy and balance, her all-embracing love for music and her aspirations for more age-blind venues definitely makes this drummer the kind of lady one can’t help but gravitate towards. – By Arianna Basco

Full name:Danielle Aubrey De Vincenzo

Nickname/pseudonym: Creation. The name was given to me by Electricity who is a member of The Source Family

Age: Infinite

Hometown: Hancock, New Hampshire

Where do you live now: Topanga Canyon, California

Bands you are drumming in currently: Jeffertitti’s Nile, and Jade Rae

What you do for a living: I have a Jewelry line called “Onward Into The Future”. It is all hand made cast jewelry in Bronze and Silver. Check it out at: www.onwardintothefuture.com

Tom Tom Magazine: When did you start playing the drums?
Daniel de VincenzoOne Year ago I started playing the drum kit in Jeffertitti’s Nile. I have always been a percussive gypsy throughout time…..

Tom Tom Magazine: Reason that you started playing the drums?
DdVMusic is an amazing form of expression and communication. Sound heals. Music and performance is something that I have always loved. I was a dancer for many years. I want to make people dance and move their bodies.

TTM: What do you do to get better at the drums?
DdV: Play wherever and whenever possible. Especially if it’s just shaking a tambourine…

TTM: Do you play any other instruments? If so, how does that effect your drumming?
DdV: I love all instruments. I currently play the guitar, the piano and the bass. Every instrument has its own sound. I feel it is important to explore all the possible sounds in order to understand their relationship to one another and how they flow together either enhancing or even contradicting one another.

TTM: What do you consider to be the most challenging thing about the drums?
DdV: Having to sit down and stay in one place. It makes it challenging to dance.

TTM: Most notable show you ever played?
DdV: Jeffertitti’s Nile has played a lot of shows over the past year. My favorite shows have been the all ages shows we have set up with our friends bands in art spaces like The Cozy Castle, and Time Warp Music, both in Los Angeles. Bars often limit the experience by not allowing kids under 21 to come in and enjoy the music.

TTM: You seem to be concerned with the restrictions at certain venues… If you could create your own public creative space, how would you run it? What would it look like? What kind of bands would you want to play there?
DdV: For sure all ages. Coconut water and Kombucha available to drink and raw food to eat. I would have like-minded bands perform that are passionate about what they are saying and playing.

TTM: Have you experienced any setbacks as a female drummer?
DdV: In order for there to be harmony in life there needs to be balance. Most people are psyched there is a female on stage balancing out the male energy.

TTM: Where do you shop for your drum gear?
DdV: There is a great vintage music store in Venice, CA called Time Warp Music.

TTM: What would you recommend to a new drummer starting off / advice for new drummers?
DdV: Be fearless and free.

TTM: Who are your favorite drummers?
DdV: Derek James of The Entrance Band, Tony Paluso of Insects vs. Robots, and Tennesse Thomas of The Like are some drummers in current bands that I am into.

TTM: Who are some of your favorite bands right now?
DdV: The Growlers, The Entrance Band, Insects Vs. Robots, Matt Baldwin, Blonde Redhead, Amanda Jo Williams, Crooked Cowboy and The Fresh Water Indians, The Chuck Dukowski Sextet, Beach House, The Lumerians, Dahga Bloom, Jade Rae…

TTM: You talk about healing and communication/ expression through sound. What are some of the songs in your life that you feel have healed you and why?
DdV: I feel that all of the music I listen to is healing me on all levels. That is why I choose to listen to it. Sonically, molecularly, physically, whether it comforts my heart or helps me let it out through tears, brings joy, and above all makes me want to move my body. George Harrison, All Things Must Pass, is one of my favorite records, especially the tracks “Let Me In” and “My Sweet Lord”. When the drums and tambourine and back up singers come in on “My Sweet Lord.” I feel like the drums throughout the record are like a beautiful steady heartbeat and that is exactly where the album is coming from and where I feel it the most; in the heart. Wow, what a gift that record is. Bessie Smith, another favorite as well. I love listening to the blues. The blues bring you up even though they are mostly talking about being down. Traditional Indian music is on heavy rotation in my house as well. The word raga is described as “a combination of tones which, with beautiful illuminating graces, pleases the people in general”. I agree. Miles Davis, Portishead, Sun Ra, John Lennon, Bright Black Morning Light, Radiohead, Fleetwood Mac, Lee Scratch Perry, Blond Redhead… The newest Joanna Newsom record “Have One On Me”. The songs “Baby Birch” and “Good Intentions Paving Company” are both really, really beautiful songs. And then there is The Growlers…the list is never ending, thankfully.

Interview by Arianna Basco
Exclusive Photos by Amanda Charchian

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