Black Cherry EP Giveaway!!!!

This Week we’re giving away Black Cherry’s The Preface with a bonus CD of the album to put onto your computer (or whatever you wanna put it on) and the TRIPLE BONUS of a special love letter from Megane Quashie herself. I took a peak, and it’s moving, really. You’d be crazy not to go for this opportunity.

This time we’re not just going to GIVE it away though, you have to work for it. And by work for it we mean answer a question for us.

What is the story behind the theme for Black Cherry’s upcoming album WHITE GOLD? The answer is ONLY in Issue 4 of Tom Tom magazine, so if you want this beautiful, rare EP, you need to pick up a copy of the mag, read it carefully (especially the Black Cherry article by Allie Alvarado), and send an email with the answer to The deadline is two weeks from today, October 4, 2010!!!!

Good luck!

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