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This Issue of FADER magazine The Icon Issue #67 features an interview with Founder of Tom Tom Magazine Mindy Abovitz and images from Tom Tom Issues #1 & 2. Check it out and thanks to the FADER crew for showing Tom Tom and female drummers everywhere some LOVE!

FADER Interview:
Drum Roll, Please
Tom Tom Magazine beats out a space for female drummers
“There is a moment in every young music fan’s life when he or she realizes that Velvet Underground drummer Moe Tucker’s name is not short for Maurice, but Maureen. The most badass band’s badass drummer is a woman! he or she thinks, before looking around and realizing, well, that’s nothing special. “Drums are the most physical instrument out there. They require strength, endurance, and a lot of confidence to play,” says Tom Tom Magazine founder and editor Mindy Abovitz. “Some people are under the misconception that women and girls do not possess these qualities.” To disprove the stereotype, Abovitz started Tom Tom, providing an outlet for a hugely ignored faction of musicians. “We female drummers are many but by the looks of things in available media, you would think we don’t exist,” she says.
In Tom Tom’s first two issues – a third is due in May – a plethora of varied drummers, from the super punk to the buttoned-up session player, talk chops and what’s both unique and decidedly ordinary about their post behind the band. “Our society doesn’t normally associate the qualities required to play the drums with a woman,” says Abovitz. “I call bullshit. No instrument is gendered in any way. ” – Matthew Schnipper

Tom Tom

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