Ass Tested Beats MNDR

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If Tegan and Sarah hijacked Heloise & The Savoir Faire’s next recording sesh it would sound something like MNDR. I Go Away, easily the gloomiest of the four, is still danceable and plays like a middle school slowdance song. Fade to Black is pure superstar pop and C.L.U.B could have been a missing dance track off Add N to (X)‘s Little Black Rocks In the Sun. Was the purpose of this EP to get me super stoked for the full length? Well then … good job MNDR  A+

Buy it on iTunes or rock that shit like its 2006 and listen to it for free on MDNR’s Myspace

Look for full exclusive interview and photos with Amanda (MNDR) in Issue 3 of Tom Tom Magazine out May 15th.

-Jungle Force

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