The Gossip’s Hanna Blilie gives Tom Tom an Exclusive Interview!

All Photos by Bek Andersen

Tom Tom Magazine caught up with The Gossip and Hannah earlier this year to get some shots and an interview before they headed back home to Portland. Caught them play an amazing show at Terminal 5 where Tom Tom was backstage watching Hannah rip it on the drums from the backstage balcony. Get to know this incredibly solid hard-hitting sweet drummer. To read full interview of The Gossip’s Hannah Blilie buy Tom Tom Magazine Issue 2 here!

The Gossip

Full name: Hannah Blilie

Nickname: Stan

Age: 28

Hometown: Seattle

Where do you live now: Portland, Oregon

What do you do for a living: Play drums

Bands You were in: Vade, The Vogue, Stiletto, Soiled Doves, Chromatics, Shoplifting

Bands You are currently in: Gossip

“We try not to take the band or ourselves too seriously.” – Hannah Blilie

All Photos by Bek Andersen

Exclusive Interview for Tom Tom by Marisa Suarez-Orozco

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