Kitography #4: Andrea MiklaszKito

Greetings! Attached is a photo of my kit–a mid 70’s Rogers maple, with a Dynasonic snare. As pictured, I was playing with Sabian cymbals, but I have since switched to a Zildjian A Series 20″ ride. I use Vic Firth 7A maple sticks with nylon tips.

I’ve been fiddling around with the drums since I was a child, unbeknown to everyone else in the family, as my father (also a drummer) was giving lessons to my older brother (who is an amazing drummer today).  I was no Steve Gadd, but I could keep a beat and rock steady with the best of them.  I never played in public or with a band until 2006, when I was asked to join a contemporary Christian rock/pop band with whom I’ve been playing and honing my skills for the last 4 years.

My band’s web site is

– Andrea MiklaszKito

Turn in a pic and description of your drums (congas, drum machines, tablas, steel pan, drum kit, vibraphones, etc) and a breif bio of you and your band to: for the Kitography feature on Tom Tom Magazine!

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