Kitography #3: Kristen Kemp

I’m playing on a Gretsch Catalina Birch Fusion kit with 10,12 &14″ toms and a 20″ bass. I’m using Evans Genera g2 heads on the toms and a Remo Pinstripe 3 coated head on the 14″ snare. I’ve got 14″ K Custom Zildjian hats and a 20″ K Custom Zildjian ride, both I found used at a local shop.  There’s also a Sabian B8 I like to use because I think it sizzles a little and a cracked UFIP something or an instructor gave me.  I think that’s my favorite cymbal with the most sizzle!

I’ve been playing since 2001 and I’m currently in an all female three-piece band called “The Ramps” in Houston, Texas. Previous work with Her Majesty Sweatbox is available on CD Baby and other fine online retailers.

– Kristen Kemp

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  1. I have seen that kit in action and I can tell you from personal experience that it really sizzles! Go ‘head girl and JAM!

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