Technique Tuesday: Brush Strokes

drum brushes drum sticks snare
You know that swishing sound during the Charlie Brown or Pink Panther themes?
Here’s how you do it:
Find a decent pair of brushes. Just like drumsticks, there are all shapes and sizes. And a coated snare head will make the rough sound you want. Brush patterns like this are sometimes called “stirring the soup.” Think of pushing the lower half of your brush into the head while you move it. If you’re using this pattern, the tempo will probably be pretty slow.
Counts 1 and 3 go around the edge of the drumhead from bottom to top the (“stirring”), and counts 2 and 4 will go down the middle (doesn’t need to be exactly down the middle or around the edge). Counts 2 and 4 will be accented, so the motion will be like flicking your wrist. This can be played off the left side too.
xo, Bianca

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