STLS & Tom Tom Magazine at the X-Initiative in Chelsea



Tom Tom Magazine took part in an incredible art project by Fritz Haeg at the X-Initiative. The project began in early September 2009 and ran until late October.


For those 2 months Tom Tom ran their operations from inside a tent in a beautiful gallery in Chelsea, NY. Tom Tom held free drum lessons from 12-3 pm every Wednesday and Friday and held spontaneous drum performances.


The “residency” ended in a final event in which all the participants performed or showed work. Tom Tom Magazine was graced by two phenomenal and inspiring drummers, Lisa Schonberg (Explode Into Colors) and STS (Rock Camp for Girls, ex Haggard) and their band STLS. Watch a video of their double drum performance here:

STLS from cat on Vimeo. Shot and edited by Cat Tyc.




xo, Tom Tom Magazine

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