Nabedi Osorio, The State Of – Full Length Interview

Nabedi Osorio_The State Of_womandrummer_tomtommagazine

As promised I would like to present to you the full video of the interview with Nabedi Osorio, drummer of the two piece band The State Of. I attended a show at a small restaurant/night club venue call Moonchine in the Miami Modern District. After the show, a DJ played music and it was difficult to find a quite space to talk. Like troopers, Nabedi then Steph Taylor followed me out to the parking lot to talk to me for nearly 45 minutes.

The lighting is poor and you’ll have to forgive the music playing in the background, but Nabedi offers up a lot of good information here. She has great talent and humbly expresses her passion for her craft. Be sure to check out their band website for more information and about their upcoming CD release Day of Abandon. Enjoy.

– Alex Carulo

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