Technique Tuesday: Stage Presence (Hannah Blilie)

Hannah Blilie plays for three-piece band Gossip. I think she’s awesome, and I like her style.


I love how she’s already groovin’ in the back as soon as the song starts. While she plays the main beat, she doesn’t play on counts 1 or 3 so she has time to throw her left hand up. Which looks really cool, let’s be honest. Another thing I like is during the breakdown around 2:30. The tom hits, then a turn off to the side.

Little things really make a difference in your performance. You may think no one notices these things, but people definitely notice. So don’t be afraid to throw them into your set.

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  1. wow, these guys are great, i didn’t know them before. love your nuanced comments about the drummer’s style. love them lefties (just not playing after them…)

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