Exclusive Interview with Drummer/Jewelry Designer Pamela Love!

When Pamela Love isn’t gracing the pages of Vogue with her jewelry line, she is rocking out in her basement in Greenpoint with her three piece all girl band Scorpio Rising.  The jewelry designer and fashion icon brings the same intensity and unique aesthetic to the kit. At out last benefit show, we had the pleasure of interviewing Pamela from everything about what inspires her drumming to her favorite kind of soup. Check out the video below after you read our exclusive interview!

Pamela Love


Full name: Pamela Love
Nickname / pseudonym: Panina Sverdlovetzky
Age: 27
Where were you born: New York
Where do you live now: New York
Bands you are drumming in currently: Scorpio Rising
What you do for a living: jewelry designer
Something outstanding about you: I’m an outstanding multi-tasker



I’m really inspired by Afro-cuban polyrhythms… I am still limited. And I think my limitations inspire my style.” -Pamela Love

Tom Tom Magazine: When did you start playing the drums?

Pamela Love: In high school but I stopped for a very long time. And every day I am still learning.

Tom Tom Magazine: What influenced your decision to become a drummer?

Pamela Love: I had damaged my vocal cords and could no longer sing. But I still had all this musical energy I needed to get out.

Pamela at the kit

Tom Tom Magazine: Has any drummer influenced you? Who has influenced you the most?

Pamela Love: When I was a kid I was obsessed with Keith Moon.

“I am always listening for the drums even when I am not trying to.” – Pamela Love

Tom Tom Magazine: What inspires your drumming style?

Pamela Love: I’m really inspired by Afro-cuban polyrhythms… I am still limited. And I think my limitations inspire my style.

TTM: How did you form your band?

PL: My close friend Stephanie and I just started jamming together and we have gone through a lot of lineup changes until now. Currently our good friends Elizabeth and Jane are on guitar and vocals.

TTM: What band has influenced your band the most?

PL: Personally, Neil Young, The Band, Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon, Bruce Sprinsteen have been major influences on me. All of us are influenced by totally different kinds of music. It’s hard to say who has influenced us the most.

TTM: How would you describe your band?

PL: Sort of psychedelic, garage, with an element of early 90’s grunge.

TTM: What’s the hardest part about playing drums?

PL: Singing and drumming is so challenging. Also (and I’m not kidding) I really have such a hard time getting my hi-hat clutch tight enough.

TTM: How would you describe your ideal drum set?

PL: One the puts itself together and takes itself apart.

TTM: You’re involved in a lot of different projects: jewelry design, film, painting etc…do any of them influence your drumming? Does your drumming influence your other creative endeavors?

PL: I think everything influences each-other. Last season my jewelry was heavily influenced by African, Mexican and Native American jewelry. I was also extremely interested in drumming styles and music from those cultures as well. Especially the music of Ali Farka Toure. Its interesting how a fascination with a particular culture can affect many different creative aspects of your life at the same time. I also think another common thread is that I am always doing something with my hands.

Pamela at Tom Tom Magazine / Make Music NY Show

TTM: Who are your favorite drummers right now?

PL: Keith Moon, Steve Gadd.

TTM: What are you listening to currently?

PL: Grizzly Bear, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, Devendra Banhart, Leonard Cohen, Tk Webb and the Visions, TV on the Radio, Moon and Moon, Bat for Lashes, T.I.

TTM: Has drumming had any impact on the way you listen to music?

PL: Yes. I am always listening for the drums even when I am not trying to.

TTM: What is your favorite set-up for your kit? Why?

PL: The simpler the better. As long as I have a bass, and a snare and a high hat I’m happy.

TTM: How often do you practice?

PL: 3 days a week.

TTM: How do you warm up?

PL: Coffee, tea, cigarettes.

TTM: If you could change one thing about the drums what would it be?

PL: Nothing. They are perfect. Well actually sometimes I wish I could play standing up so I could dance. I’m thinking I might need some congas.

Pamela at Coco 66 in Brooklyn

TTM: Do you do anything else drum related besides playing in a band? (i.e. teach drums one on one, rock camp, drum circles, etc …)

PL: I really like playing djembe.

“Listen to as much music as possible.” – Pamela Love

TTM: Where do you shop for your drum gear?

PL: Guitar Center usually. Or Main Drag Music in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

TTM: What’s the best piece of advice you have as a drummer?

PL: Keep it simple.

TTM: What would you recommend to a new drummer starting off / advice for new drummers?

PL: Practice all the time. Get “the new breed” and learn everything in it. Listen to as much music as possible.

TTM: What are some of your other hobbies / interests?

PL: I like to paint, sculpt, draw and make jewelry. I also love riding my bike.









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