Tom Tom Magazine Drummer of the Week: Ursula Rosa of Diva Scarlet

We have all heard the adage that music is the ultimate international language. Well, sometimes adages get it right. This week we go international and showcase Ursula Rosa of the all girl Italian band Diva Scarlet.



Based in Bologna, Italy this quartet have been playing and touring since 2001 and have released 2 full length studio albums. The latest Non + Silenzio deals with the subject of violence against women and children and to society in general. Check out the video below for their song Souvenir off the album.




OK, my Italian is rusty at best but basically the song speaks of precious souvenirs around the world such as African masks, birds and fish, flowers and roses and warns not to touch because if they break, they are irreplaceable. Peppered within the video are environmental factoids such as stats on how many rare birds, reptiles and tropical fish are commercialized and exploited yearly.



Most of the material is penned by front woman Sarah Fornito and guitarist Cecilia Bernardi. Who together with bassist Camilla Boschieri formed the band Skummer out of High School. In 2001 they teamed with the powerful beats of Ursula to form Diva Scarlet in an effort to kick their talents to the next level. Their powerful lyrics and subject matter in combination with fast energy beats and guitar rifts blend into a formula of poignant and meaningful music.




In case you do not know Italian, they do a lot of english covers from PJ Harvey, Bjork, in an effort to break deeper into the American market. Be sure to check them out on MySpace and their website.




Ursula Rosa in green jacket.


Alex Carulo


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