Technique Tuesday: Stick Grips (Pt. 1)

Hey all you rhythm-rockers, beat-bangers, and time-tappers. We’re going to work on something that everyone could use a little work on: technique.

I figured that we would start simply. As in, “holding-the-stick” simply. Every drummer needs to know the correct way (or ways) of holding sticks. This is super important, because a bad grip can result in a bad injury. And we don’t want that.

So! The first thing you want to NOT do is the classic death-grip. No white-knuckles, ok? Just relax. Let the stick breathe. You probably should, too.

Hold your hand out like you’re about to shake someone’s hand. Place the stick in your palm, like so.

The butt end of the stick should come out at the bottom of your hand, somewhere in-between your knuckle and your wrist.

As for your thumb, it should point up the stick and should stay there. Imagine a nail going through your thumbnail, through the stick, and finally through the middle section of your index finger. If it’s all in line, then you’re holding the stick correctly.

The last thing that you want to check is your fulcrum. Generally, your fulcrum will be your thumb and index finger. All other fingers should simply rest on the stick, leaving plenty of room for the stick to rebound.

Do this for both hands, and BAM! You’ve just learned ‘matched’ grip. This is the most common grip known to drummers.

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