Tom Tom Magazine Drummer of the Week: Jen Ledger of Skillet


This week we take a delve into the Christian Rock genre. Memphis based Skillet has been ripping together since 1996 and have released seven studio albums. Their latest, Awake is due out in August 2009 and will include their newest member of the band, drummer, Jennifer Ledger. She’s 19 years old, she’s British, and she ROCKS.
Coming from Coventry, England, Jen joined skillet during Winter Jamfest in 2008 after their former drummer, Lori Peters, expressed she was leaving. Having been eased in and trained by Lori, Jen continued on with Skillet on their Comatose Tour and was officially announced by Skillet’s front man John Cooper in mid January 2008.

Having received a tepid welcome by ‘Panheads’ at first, Jen quickly grew into her sticks and developed strong dynamics and color while on tour and is quickly growing a fan base. This fast pace color drums, young energy, and touring pyrotechnic showmanship not only helps Skillet pick up where they left off with Lori, but they could further take off, because get this; Jen sings as well. On their live album Comatose Comes Alive, she contributes vocals on the track Yours To Hold and it is rumored that she’s recording vocals on various tracks of their upcoming album.

Christian Rock may not appeal to all, but the only major difference it has to mainstream rock is the message.  Guitar riffs, penetrating vocals, monstrous drums, and on stage theatrics hold true through out this genre.  If you’d like to become a ‘Panhead’ visit Skillet and stay tuned as a single from the new album is due out this month.

Alex Carulo

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  1. Made me want to pull out the drums and start rockin. Gave me just enough info to wanna check them out and learn a little more.

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