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Whatever happened to the Durty Nanas? They broke up. The Durty Nanas consisted of Tha Pumpsta, Shannon Funchess (Telepathe, TV on the Radio, !!!, Bunny Rabbit) and drummer Lacy Rae Lancaster. We will be interviewing both Shannon and Lacy for upcoming features in Tom Tom. On Friday I caught up with two members of this all-star crew at Bruar Falls.


Lacy is currently in a band called Living Days which is a highly theatrical, fun, and retro sounding band. The band is fronted by Stephonik (see above) and has amazing vocals. They are currently working on their first album and there are rumors that Bad Brilliance will be directing their first video. Check out their myspace.

Here are some photos of Lacy’s awesome performance at Bruar Falls.



Shannon is known primarily for her singing and now plays the drums in her band Light Asylum. She is an integral player in the Brooklyn music scene and we are psyched to find out more about her drumming career. She is also involved in an all-female all-star percussion band called Chica Vas that will be performing the Northside Festival on June 13 at Glasslands. Here are photos from her performance at Bruar Falls.




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