Primo! Takes Us on a Mesmerizing Journey in New Album, Sogni

Melbourne-based band Primo! will release their second full-length recording, Sogni, April 17th, 2020 via Upset the Rhythm

The quartet’s uplifting aura blends seamlessly with layers of drone vocals, upbeat drums, and memorable guitar riffs. While they have their own unique sound, the music has a vintage feel—a mixture of garage rock and surf, with notes of post-punk.

Sogni flows effortlessly from beginning to end. The first song, “Things To Do,” and the last song, “Reverie,” are both very minimal rhythmically. The drums sit out, leaving the focus on humming vocals and guitar. 

In between these two songs, lies a mesmerizing musical journey of buoyant, danceable drumming under hypnotizing vocals and catchy choruses. The crisp guitar riffs seasoned with reverb are reminiscent of the surf rock sounds of the ’60s. 

Track two, “Perfect Paper,” has trance-inducing guitar effects and vocal harmonies that leave you spellbound. The simplistic drums mesh perfectly within the mix, complementing the guitar and bass melodies. “Comedy Show,” really highlights Suzanne Walker’s drumming, with an attention-grabbing hi-hat fill and a great hollow snare sound. Layers of organ and electronic effects give added depth to the instrumental breakdowns. 

 “Best and Fairest” illuminates the inquisitive lyrics found throughout the album with lines such as, “What makes a life a rich one?” and “Who will you pay and who will pay you?”

The bouncy vocals on “Rolling Stone” share the stage with fun, dueling guitar parts. Compelling and focused electronic effects pulse throughout the instrumental section. 

 Overall, Sogni is a well-rounded album with an immense sound that still manages to be easy to listen to.  

Watch their newest video out today!

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Reviewed by Mindee Jorgensen

Mindee Jorgensen is a musician and writer living in Los Angeles CA.  She currently plays with four bands and gives private drum lessons in person and online. She enjoys hiking, yoga, and caring for her pets Elvis the senior dog and Meatloaf the teddy bear hamster. Check her out at

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