Gear Review: UV2 Drumheads from Evans

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by Lindsay Artkop

UV2 is a brand new line of heads from Evans Drumheads that produce a lively, deep, and punchy sound. The UV2 heads are constructed similarly to the UV1 line, except they’re two plies of heavy duty 7 mil film instead of one. The UV1 heads were designed for drummers  that were looking for more of a traditional single ply sound, with an added durability and coating. The UV2s are a development of this concept, with an additional ply. They are coated with the new patented UV cured coating which creates an even layer across the drum head. It’s cured with the Evans UV process to increase the durability and prevent chipping and wear of the coating.

These heads are surprisingly easy to tune, and don’t take very long to break in. They provide the life and resonance of a one ply head, while also rolling off unwanted overtones. This provides a great balance of attack, sustain and durability. The feel of the head is very pleasant, giving off a nice rebound and stick definition. The versatility of the head really stands out, because it’s delicate enough to pass in a light higher pitched tuning, but also tough enough to withstand a rock drummer’s hits. The UV2 coating also provides a nice texture for brush work. The heads can resonate very well at mid pitched tunings, and also hold lower tensions very well.  While passable for a jazz drummer, they probably wouldn’t be the most ideal option. But nearly any drummer looking for a solid two ply head option, simply won’t be disappointed with the UV2s.

tom tom magazine, female drummers, gear review, uv2, evans, drum headsEvans is known for their innovation in design, helping drummers easily create inspirational sounds. An exciting development in this area from Evans is the new Sound Icon System packaging, which visually breaks down factors like the Thickness, Treatment, and Technology of a drum head. The label goes into great detail to describe the composition of the head, painting a picture of what sound the specific head is built to produce. It also includes examples of genres that each head would fit best. This is very helpful to people that are comparing and contrasting what heads to buy before trying out a product. It makes it easy for drummers of all levels to be educated on the variables that go into drum head sounds, and how to choose the head that is right for them.

Check out the full UV2 line over at Evans here.

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