From Couch to Fame: How Trinity Robinson is Drumming Her Way to the Top

Words by Brooke Kato

Photo courtesy Trinity Robinson

Trinity Robinson loves to drum.

Since she was five years old, she drummed on everything she could get her hands on, and it all began when she started going to church.

“Once I started playing drums in church, I’ve always had a passion for it,” she said. “I knew that’s what I wanted to play.”

Religion and her belief in God play a large role in her life and music, she says, because she’s attended church her whole life. It’s become like a second home; somewhere she can escape to whenever she has a problem in life, or wants to pray.

She’s able to play everything by ear without reading music or having gone to school for drumming, “…and I feel like that is a God-given gift,” she says.

Trinity with Anderson Paak

She stumbled upon the sounds that mimic drums when she was accidentally drumming on various objects, because as a drummer, she’s always tapping on different objects. The now 18-year-old drummer is going viral for her couch drumming videos, in which she drums on various household items — including a children’s toy and a pair of crutches – because she didn’t own a drum set.

Now, she doesn’t have to drum on household items anymore. Musical artist Anderson Paak noticed Robinson and gifted her a drum set earlier this year. It was a great experience, she said, because she didn’t think she would ever be noticed by one of her favorite artists.

“For me, I love the drums… I feel like the drums are the most powerful instrument that can ever be played.”

Playing music is about more than just talent for her.  It’s also about connecting with her audience. She said that people have told her that she’s their inspiration, which surprises her because she didn’t ever expect to go viral. But that’s her favorite part — turning creativity into inspiration.

“Yes, you can read music, but you also have to have that creativity side,” she said. “My specialty and what I like to do is take the creative side and inspire people.”

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