Mesadorm’s New Album: Epicadus

Aside from the emotional heft of Bristol-born Mesadorm’s music, the pedigree of its members is also not to be underestimated. Between them, Mesadorm’s members have played with Paloma Faith, Goldfrapp, Rae Morris, Frank Turner, The Unthanks, The Magnetic North, toured with London Grammar and fronted major-label signing Vaults as well as singing on John Lewis’ 2016 Christmas Ad. But whilst Mesadorm is a band founded on a history of professional musicianship and successes, it is now propelled forward by a renewed passion for creative endeavor and ambitious expression. We caught up with drummer Daisy Palmer in a recent interview, Read it here.

“Mesadorm have that uncanny ability to find that perfect line between pop and experimentation. They achieve a rare and colorful psychedelic minimalism that is strikingly engaging.” – Folk Radio UK

On their new album, Epicadus (the genus of crab spiders), UK-based Mesadorm brings acoustic renditions of previous songs first heard on debut album, Heterogaster. Blythe Pepino’s vocals range hauntingly between Adele, Cat Power, and Chelsea Wolfe; she gives Mesadorm’s music a moody, personal sound. Daisy Palmer’s drums are subdued, giving way to the dramatic journey of Pepino’s operatic voice and string accompaniment. Still, Palmer adds an edge at unexpected moments throughout the album.

Minor-key piano arrangements add to the lyrical, spell-binding, evocative, and emotional atmosphere on songs like the album’s darkly sensual first track, “When She’s in that Mood.” On “Obsidian,” the drums creep in softly and gain enough power by the end to culminate in a symphonic crescendo that is both classical and classic rock. “Alice” features the skins in an almost military drive, slowing to a sweet release rather than a blistering end. mesadorm, UK, bristol, daisy palmer, epicadus, heterogaster, acoustic, drummer, blythe

A dramatic cello infuses “Heterogaster” with a slight melancholy; this album feels luminously grand, a soundtrack for introspection, as if one were on retreat at the Swedish coast walking amongst sweeping scenes of stormy water and angular rock formations before a ray of sunlight and calm suddenly descends. Be sure to support Mesadorm and listen to the entire album.

Also, be aware: Colour & Sound director Tom Jacob was embedded as both documentarian and support act on Mesadorm’s tour May 2018 tour of debut album Heterogaster (“Some of the most interesting music this year” – The Guardian). In this PRS Momentum supported hour long film, Jacob takes a charming and honest look at the often ridiculous world of grass roots touring as an unsigned and unknown band. At ease in Jacob’s presence, the band prove perfect muses as they dance like no-one’s watching literally and metaphorically. Colour & Sound weaves together surreal interviews, candid footage and live performances in a weird, hilarious and ultimately touching story of five great friends playing a few gigs to a few people. Mesadorm will be touring new album Epicadus purely in unusual venues or spaces with an excellent natural acoustic. The album was recorded live in Eype Church, Bridport (also featured in the documentary), where PJ Harvey recorded Let England Shake using largely acoustic instruments. Epicadus boasts re-imagined arrangements of songs from debut album Heterogaster with the addition of two new compositions, the previously released singles “The Joy It Joins Us Up” and “When She’s In That Mood.” Watch it below:

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