Tom Tom Turns Ten: Issue 1

In our inaugural issue of Tom Tom Magazine, we introduced the world to various drummers that we admire and introduced our mission. We asked folks when they started drumming and what the instrument means to them. Some folks highlighted include Nicole Turley, Frankie Rose, Light Asylum, The Vivian Girls, I.U.D., Talk Normal and Red Dawn II. On top of drummer interviews, we also get into drumming technique with paradiddle exercises closing out the issue.

Our mission when we began was “to bring you features of women drummers, beat-makers, programmers and percussionists from around the world, of all ages, across genres and of varying notoriety. We aspire to raise awareness about girl and women percussionists and to inspire females of all ages to drum. Tom Tom’s goal is to strengthen and build a community of otherwise fragmented female musicians and to create a network of musicians around the world.”

Our current mission is not that different but well improved and reads: “Tom Tom Magazine is the only magazine in the world dedicated to female and gender non-conforming drummers, beat makers, and producers. We are a quarterly print magazine, website, social media community, IRL community, events, drum academy, custom gear shop and more. Tom Tom seeks to raise awareness about female & gender non-conforming percussionists from all over the world in hopes to inspire folks of all ages to drum. We intend to strengthen and build the fragmented community of female & gender non-conforming musicians globally and provide the music industry and the media with role models to create an equal opportunity land-scape for any musician. We cover drummers of all ages, races, styles, skill levels, abilities, sexualities, creeds, class, sizes and notoriety. Tom Tom Magazine is more than just a magazine; it’s a movement.

10 years later folks! So many doubted our ability to exist, to have enough drummers to cover, to be a viable business. Often people laughed when we told them what we were all about and here we are, growing and thriving. Thank you to everyone who helped us and believed in us from the very beginning and for those of you finding out about us now, welcome! Glad you made it, hope you’ll stay!

“We aspire to raise awareness about girl and women percussionists and to inspire females of all ages to drum.”

Read our very first issue of our mag, which was a grand total of 18 pages from cover to cover. Buy it here.

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