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Words by Jasmine Bourgeois
Photo by Reuben Moore

Georgia Flipo — better known by her stage name G Flip — is a 24-year-old musician from Melbourne, Australia. She got her first drum kit when she was nine and started taking lessons by the age of twelve. As her love of drums inflated, she began teaching herself piano and guitar; later studying music in college. Since releasing her first single in February, she’s been blowing up all over the internet — her music has been viewed and shared by thousands across the globe and she’s been reviewed by some major music news outlets. Before pursuing solo music production, she drummed for EMPRA and toured all over the U.S. with them. G Flip makes music that’s charming, upbeat, and dripping with confidence. She has spent a lot of time developing her skills as a musician, and her passion is tangible.  

TTM: How did your background in drumming lead into the solo music you’re producing now?

G Flip: Although drums were my main priority [growing up] I wanted to expand my skills as a teenager and taught myself piano and guitar and started writing my first originals as soon as I knew a few chords. I would never show anyone and kept my songwriting and singing private. When I finished high school, I went on to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and majored in drums. I have played drums in bands my whole teenage life and into my early 20’s; but always had a desire to break away from the drum kit and do something with these songs and voice memos I’d been collecting.

After the band I was playing with broke up in late 2016 it was time to give my solo music a crack! I spent all of 2017 in my bedroom teaching myself how to produce and make the ideas in my head come to reality. I then reached out to different managers to help me get where I wanted to be and here we are.


TTM: How has the transition from drummer to solo artist been for you?

To be honest its been fine. I think I just have a bigger workload and I’m stressed more. When I was drumming in bands, I had no input when it came to songwriting or figuring out the artistic direction of the band. Now this whole project is my vision; I’m calling the shots, it’s my music & it’s all my creation. I think the biggest change that my friends and family can see is I don’t party anymore; I don’t have time to be hungover the next day so I’m extremely well behaved now. When I was drumming in bands I was a loose cannon [laughs].


TTM: What sorts of sounds/styles do you really want to try out? Anything you’re itching to experiment with?

There are so many things I want to experiment with!! More stacked cymbals; messing with drum triggers. Building hybrid drum kits. Writing songs based off afro-cuban/samba drum grooves. Sampling bucket drums. More use of latin percussion. Learning how to play Indian Tabla drums. Putting kick skins on floor toms. Setting up my kit entirely left handed as an exercise to even out my hands. There are so many things I want to experiment with and try out — it’s ridiculous! [And] that’s just all the drum related stuff. Don’t get me started on synths!


TTM: What are your upcoming music related plans?

Release more music. So far I’ve only released 2 songs. A lot more touring, a lot more writing. And more drumming of course!

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