Video Premiere: ‘Senga’ by Galleriet

Banner Photo by Petter Löfstedt

Electronic musician and interdisciplinary artist Katharina Stenbeck, aka Galleriet, has released a video for the first track on her upcoming EP Send Me Your Daughter. “Senga” is upbeat and supremely catchy; reminding you of the kinds of tracks you’d hear over the speakers at a roller rink in the 80s.

In the video for “Senga,” Galleriet dons a myriad of costumes in the confines of an off-white studio space. The studio is the perfect backdrop for the interesting visuals that are displayed during the 3 minute and 6 second video; the studio is the canvas and Galleriet is the paint adding life to the bleak and empty space.

If ‘Senga’ has piqued your interest, give take Galleriet’s debut album, Romantic Gestures fora spin and be sure to check out her new EP, Send Me Your Daughter, on September 14th.

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