Former Golden Grrrls now the duo Sacred Paws

Words by Jasmine Bourgeois

Sacred Paws is made-up of former Golden Grrrls members Eilidh Rodgers and Rachel Aggs. The duo released their debut LP Strike a Match early in 2017, and it’s full of DIY, jangly pop-rock vibes that make you want to groove and twirl to their eccentric melodies. The two are separated by about 400 miles, with Aggs living in London and Rodgers in Glasgow. That distance equals about seven hours of driving, or a four hour train ride. Still, the pair have made some impressive tunes, even if the distance means less time spent jamming together. Falling somewhere between art-punk and funk, their music exudes fun, offers a dynamic personality and a fine-tuned, innovative sensibility. It’s reminiscent of long-distance middle-school friendships and all the good, gushy feelings of seeing your best friend after a long time apart. It beams with a sincerity that comes from pals who truly love making music together and are connected through a shared passion for their craft.

Featured in the ‘Bands We Like’ section of Issue 33. Purchase a copy here.




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