Album Review: SadBad by Izzy True

Review by Kerrie Byer
Banner photo by Benjamin Torrey

Izzy True Finds Their Footing on Uncertain Ground

Since forming in 2015, Izzy True has developed a musical voice drawn beautifully from the underground culture of upstate New York. In their latest album, SadBad, Izzy True pushes their sound in all the right ways, a process that started in an 11th-story apartment in Chicago and ended in Ithaca, with added support from Angela Devivo and Krya Skye, and guest appearances from Kyle Seely (Sheer Mag) and Curt Oren. The final product is a punk album that wraps you up and carries you through True’s narrative in an inspiring, intimate manner.

SadBad is an exploration of life in the aftermath of ending; from breakups to death and the awkwardness that accompanies uncertainty. Instrumentally and lyrically, the album travels through the range of emotions that are induced by endings and finality. Leadoff track “Bobo” asks that anxiety provoking, post-breakup question, “Will I be comforted?” while the lush instrumentation and rich vocals give a sense of grounding and confidence. The thematic heaviness in “Grandma” is balanced by a degree of lightness in its storytelling. The journey of SadBad isn’t weepy or mournful but rather determined and assertive, acknowledging the discomfort and sadness of loss while championing strength and resilience.

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SadBad is out now on Don Giovanni Records.


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