Video Premiere: ‘Collide’ by Satellite Citi

By Lindsey Anderson

Tom Tom is thrilled to premiere Satellite Citi’s newest music video for their track ‘Collide.’ From the band’s most recent release Negative Space, ‘Collide’ focuses on the importance of not bending and conforming to what society expectes of you.

The video focuses on a marriage that quickly unravels as a young girl watches the events unfold from her seesaw. The imagery in the video is bound to stick with viewers as well as the hard-hitting drums coupled with a haunting guitar riff that skillfully progresses from humming underneath to swallowing the track whole during its final minutes.

Satellite Citi on their newest video:

“Collide” is about girl power. The video tells a story about a little girl who witnesses, but ultimately rejects, some of the things that society tells little girls what they should believe in and value the most, no matter what the consequence….and the video uses a dark “marriage gone wrong” scenario to represent this idea.”

Satellite Citi is a band to watch this year. With a beautifully crafted EP that touches on issues such as mental health and corrupt politics, the L.A. based Alternative Rock band is using their platform to keep conversation going around topics that are supremely paramount. Check out a quick interview as well as the video for ‘Collide’ below!

How did the concept for the video come together?
The director of the video, Geoff McGann, heard the song and pretty much took the reigns by pitching us a concept that really hit the nail on the head and interpreted the lyrics exactly as we imagined it.

What inspired the lyrical content for ‘Collide’?
Honestly, it was something I’ve always wanted to put in a song. Growing up in a society where materialism reigns and people are told to chase money rather than passion, I felt like it was a message that I needed to hear more of in music.

What was it about ‘Collide’ that made you want to make a video for that track in particular?
It’s a track that has a story to tell and we thought it was important to tell that story with visuals while still leaving things open to interpretation.

Some images that stick out to me are the sobbing bride and the young kid watching a tv as they seesaw, how do you feel television and other media have skewed expectations when it comes to relationships?
We definitely feel like TV, media and technology all play a huge role in today’s society by instilling unrealistic standards and false expectations into young minds. And it was a theme we wanted to focus on when making the video.

The first lyric of ‘Collide’ is ‘Mama told me//Don’t give up on your dreams’, what’s the best advice a parent, friend or mentor has given you?
Best advice we’ve gotten was to not lose hope and persevere. Whether that be struggling with internal demons, climbing up the music industry ladder, or just a personal goal you’ve wanted to achieve your whole life, follow your dreams, push through the obstacles and it’ll all be worth it. There’s nothing better than feeling rewarded after putting in the work.

What plans does Satellite Citi have for the rest of 2018?
We’ll be finishing up our California Tour in August and then we plan to hit the studio again toward the end of the year to record a couple new singles, as well as releasing a few more videos!


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