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‘WEAPONRY’, the newest track from L.A feminist art-punk band OBJECT AS SUBJECT, feels like a battle-cry; a pulse-pounding event that you’ll immediately want to re-live once the track comes to a close.

OAS has a history that stretches back to 2014. Classical violinist turned punk singer, Paris Hurley started OAS as a solo project 4 years ago. While she was on tour playing violin with Balkan punk/metal legends, Kultur Shock, Paris faced loads of sexism and misogyny. In response to that negative energy, Hurley created OBJECT AS SUBJECT to address the toxic energy she faced on that tour.

Fast forward to 2018, OAS has grown from a solo project to a full-fledged band. OAS’S current line-up is: Emilia “Pony Sweat” Richeson (dance, drums, vox), Gina Young (bass, vox // SORORITY), Patty Schemel (drums // Hole) and Megan Fowler-Hurst (dance, drums, vox // Tales Between Our Legs).

With this track out in the world and their debut record ‘PERMISSION’ slated for an August 17th release, this is a very monumental time for OBJECT AS SUBJECT. The gravity of this moment in the band’s history is best articulated via the following quote from Paris:

“This record is a permission slip to my deepest self, granting her all the allowance and approval she needs to take up space within her own life. It is a ritualistic destruction of the long-held myth that my existence, my talent, my joy, my magic, my anger, my brilliance, my desires, and my voice are harmful to others unless used entirely in service of their needs, ideas or dreams. It is a practice of unlearning. It is the permission to be loud, to set my own boundaries, to invest in my dreams, to powerfully see vs. passively exist to be looked at, to own my erotic energy without shutting it down on behalf of what others might do with it, and to take up a whole record’s worth of space with my voice and ideas. It is a practice of granting myself permission to become more of myself in every moment and it is the permission to be unapologetic about all of it.”
Paris Hurley on the upcoming OAS record

OBJECT AS SUBJECT’S debut album PERMISSION will be available 8/17/18 on Lost Future. Check out the track below and be sure to follow the band on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with OAS updates.

OAS Tour Dates

6/26-The Resident (DTLA)
8/18-Record release at El Cid (LA) w/ This Is Who We Are Now


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