Premiere: ‘Get Out’ by Lambda Celsius

Album artwork(header photo) by: AC Carter (Lambda Celsius)
Words: Lindsey Anderson

‘Gotta pack my bags and get the hell out of this town’ exclaims Lambda Celsius on their new single ‘Get Out’; a tune that explores a feeling that’s all too familiar.  Whether it’s a want to escape the confines of suburbia or a toxic situation you’ve found yourself in, the thirst to bolt into something new and lively is a universally familiar concept.

As Lambda croons about a longing for liberation, there’s a bouncy electronic beat that cradles their voice in a way that puts you in the mind of a ‘New York at Night’ time-lapse; the kind of time-lapse you’d see in an 80s movie as the newly freed protagonist meanders around the city, unsure of where their going but happy as hell to be out of their former situation.  The snap of the snare on this track injects this level of ‘do or die’ urgency; further exemplifying the dire importance of getting the hell out of town.

A bit more about Lambda;  “Lambda Celsius (or Λ°C) is the stage persona of AC Carter: artist, musician, producer, bass player, and costume designer. AC performs in a karaoke set up in hand-made costumes accompanied by virtual assistant Alexa as the DJ, speaking from a post punk ethos highlighting gender inequality and the passivity of the stereotyped gendered voice.” (bio courtesy of artist’s website)

“GET OUT is a minimal dance song with a night-driving-feel, much like the same feeling when escaping the confines of the sexual aggressor. It’s tempo reflects an anxiety that persists in confronting trauma, and lyrically addresses how to reclaim the body when systematically and societally it is not your own. It’s exterior comes off as quirky and capricious, yet its deeper meaning dwells in a much more sinister reality.” – AC of Lambda Celsius

With their second album due in September of this year, ‘Get Out’ is a fantastic teaser to get fans excited for what the album has in store. Lambda Celsius is known to not only touch on personal experiences through their music but they also put politics and culture under a much needed microscope. With the current time we’re living in, I’m sure AC has loads to say on this record.

Check out the track below and keep an eye out for the release of Lambda Celsius’ second album, ‘Ana Echo and the Beauty of Indifference’




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