Meet The Drummer: Clara Townsend of ARXX

In our ‘Meet The Drummer,’ series we love to introduce our readers to new drummers through some rapid fire questions. We got the chance to chat with Clara Townsend of ARXX, a garage rock duo from Brighton. The duo has been making music since March 2017 and have been catching the ear of various publications. Described by Brighton Noise as “A fine tuned mix of garage rock and gospel.” Hannah Pidduck’s strong vocals coupled with Clara’s drumming make for a band that’s bound to make its’ way into the hearts of folks in Brighton and beyond. Check out our interview with Clara below.

Clara Townsend / 22 / She, her

When did you pick up drumming?
I picked up drumming at 13 when our neighbours gave us an old drumkit. I wanted a red sparkly kit that was in a shop window so my dad said that if I started drum lessons I could maybe get it; and I’ve never looked back! (I’m still waiting for the red sparkly kit!)

What has been the most rewarding thing about drumming?
Playing live shows is by far my favorite thing about drumming. There’s so much energy that comes from a crowd and I love that. Hannah(vocals and guitar) also gets really into her live performances and we feed off each other, I don’t think there’s a better feeling. I’ve recently started doing a bit of teaching too, and seeing students start to experiment and come up with their own rhythms is so exciting.

How did you become a member of ARXX?
I was playing in a band previously and we played a few gigs with ARXX. The previous drummer left to Australia and Hannah was looking for a new drummer for around a year, posting adverts everywhere (none of which I saw!). Hannah then messaged me asking if I knew any other drummers that would want to audition and I just said “I’ll do it!” I had an audition and that was it. We were both equally socially awkward and goofy.



If you could describe ARXX to someone who has never heard of you, how would you describe your band?
Garage Rock Gal Pal Duo.

Do you have a dream drum kit? 
Gretsch Brooklyn Series in silver sparkle!

Who are some drummers that inspire you and why?
Cherisse Osei is a massive influence to me. She was the first female drummer I saw, back when I was 10 watching Mika. To see where she is now, touring with Simple Minds and Paloma Faith previously, it’s so important to have female role models on the big gigs. Mark Schulman (drummer for P!nk) is another really big inspiration for me. I’m a massive P!nk fan and have watched so many live performances where Mark is almost an entertainer as well as a drummer. He gets so into the live shows and is also such a positive and humble person off stage.

What music are you loving right now?
Dream Wife, Haim, Yonaka, Black Honey.

What goals do you have for yourself as a drummer this year?
Keep on learning! Since I left university I haven’t had as much time to practice or learn new grooves/ fills as I would have liked. I want to start pushing myself again.

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AARX’s debut EP ‘Daughters Of Daughters’ is out now

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