Tom Tom Magazine x The Beat NYC Online Shop is Now Live!


BROOKLYN, NYC — Tom Tom Magazine, a New York based magazine about drummers, music, and feminism, and The Beat NYC, a New York based online retailer focused on drums & lifestyle, are partnering to build a new online retail shop called Tom Tom x The Beat. An extension to Tom Tom’s immersive website, the shop will feature a handpicked collection of drums, beat-making tools, and lifestyle gear.

In this tag-team venture, Tom Tom x The Beat will co-curate a collection of percussion products for the Tom Tom community, sell online subscriptions to the magazine, as well as limited edition apparel and gear.

“We’re always looking for ways to expand value to our community,” said Mindy Abovitz, publisher/CEO of Tom Tom Magazine. “Being able to sell drums, touring essentials, and apparel from brands we trust is a natural extension of what we do now and gives our community a place to shop that’s tailored for them.”

“Our online retail model from the jump has been to create an online experience that emphasizes communication, community, curation, and super-efficient delivery,” said Nick Gordon, founder of The Beat NYC. “Tom Tom has built an incredibly loyal niche community that’s rooted in inclusiveness, lifestyle, and non-conformity, and we’re super excited to collaborate on an online drum shop to match that ethos.”

Using cutting-edge conversational e-commerce technology built by The Beat, and hosted on Tom Tom’s website, Tom Tom x The Beat shoppers will be able to chat with one of the store’s employees before, during, and after an order is placed, ensuring expert and friendly advice on buying the right drums and gear, from a fellow drummer they can trust.

The shop is now live and located at

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