Premiere: ‘A Song For You’ by The Suzan

Tom Tom is very honored to premiere ‘A Song For You;’ the newest track from The Suzan! For those of you who may be hearing about The Suzan for the 1st time, they are a pop-rock band from Tokyo, Japan. Formed in 2004, The Suzan’s sound has been variously described as riot-grrl, pop and punk, and also incorporates elements of jazz, soul, surf and dance music. We got the chance to chat with The Suzan about the song, the upcoming EP and what they like to do outside the band.

Introductions: Name + the Instrument you play in the band
Rie  / Keys, Vocals
Saori / Vocals, Guitar

What’s the inspiration behind ‘A Song For You?’
Rie: I wrote “A Song For You” imagining a very important person.

Your EP ‘Konichiwa’ comes out January 19th via the Swedish music collective ‘Ingrid,’ how did you all get connected with them? 
We’ve been making music with producer Bjorn Yttling for a long time. He runs the label with several other artists. We love the spirit of this label.

Your last release, ‘Doki Doki Sounds’ is such a bouncy, energetic, summertime album and sounds like it was really fun to make! What was your  favorite part about putting that EP together?
“Doki Doki” means surprise, excitement, tension in Japanese onomatopoeia. There are lots of exciting events full of those “Doki Doki” situations in the summer. Rie and I both contributed equally to the music on this project and it was exciting and satisfying at the same time. I think we wrote wide variety of songs for the EP.

If you could describe Konichiwa’s sound/energy in one word, what would it be and why?
It’s LOVE because “A Song For You ” is a love song, and we wrote “TOKYO” because we love our hometown, Tokyo!

What are your goals as a band this year?
We would like to perform a lot so people can get to know our new EPs.

When you aren’t playing music, what other activities/fields do you dabble in?
Rie: Cheese hunting (I love cheese )!!!
Saori: Japanese calligraphy

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