The Legend Returns: The Rebirth of Rogers Drums

Rogers USA announced today the release of an all-new version of their classic Dyna-Sonic snare drum, calling it a “stunning, yet faithful tribute,” that will be based on the “design and styling of the rare, original wood shell snare model.”

The drum features 10 lugs, precision-cast chromed hardware, select North American hardwoods construction, and comes in three finishes: White Marine Pearl, Black Diamond Pearl, and Silver Sparkle. It is available in two sizes, 5”x 14” & 6.5” x 14”, and currently retails at $799. Central to the Dyna-Sonic is the Rogers proprietary, floating snare rail system, which provides extraordinary sensitivity due to the snares “riding” with the drum head, instead of choking or dampening it. As Joe Thompson, the inventor, described in 1962: “The goal of this invention is to provide a drum with ‘floating snares’, which can be tensioned without putting pressure on the head.”

Rogers USA stated that their mission for the rebirth of the Rogers brand is to “satisfy Roger’s hardcore vintage enthusiasts and introduce today’s generation of drummers to the legacy of the true Rogers sound.”

We’re excited to hear the new version of this classic drum!

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