9 To Know

By Geoff Shelton

9 to Know is a monthly list highlighting overlooked stories, music and more from the global, female-identified and non-binary communities in music.

The Community is Global: Check out these great lists featuring female musicians from around the world.

Wonderful article showing the talent and diversity within the contemporary South African music diaspora

All about an amazing comp of Costa Rican electronic musicians

Forget about the ranking and enjoy the education in this list of 35 composers from the past and present.


The Music is Interstellar: These recently released albums are pushing the sonic world’s boundaries and opening us up to new aural dimensions.

Iranian-born, New York-based artist Sadaf has blessed us with this exquisite EP which she calls “autobiographical fiction”. A concept album about a filmmaker, struggling with writer’s block, that eventually burns the script she’s working on.

London-based artist Klein has created a musical journey through layers of contrasting emotional landscapes.

LA-based musician Huxley Anne explains this album best in her own words: “Ilium is a record of the dark, beautiful, moving things I destroyed—the contours of sound shaping themselves as I passed from a state of ghostly apathy to a state of subliminal passion—a record of the depths of woman.”

The Power is Endless: These articles feature strong female musicians who are pushing through social boundaries and oppression while supporting and healing themselves and others.

A group of 20 female survivors of the ’94 Genocide in Rwanda are breaking through traditions and social stigma to empower themselves through drumming.

Meet Rebecca Jones a Native American punk musician and activist

After a female DJ is stalked, chased and almost kidnapped – female DJ’s in Delhi, India share their perspectives, experiences and words of encouragement

The female drummers of ‘Ingoma Nshya’ Initiative during a performance with male counterparts. (Photo by Remy Niyingize)

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