A Chat With Sera Cahoone

By: Lindsey Anderson

Banner photo: courtesy of Sera Cahoone

TT: Quite a bit of time has passed since Tom Tom last interviewed you, can you map out the important life moments/experiences that have happened from 2013-Now?

SC: Well, a lot has happened since 2013.  Including some hard things that I won’t go into, but where I am now is a really good place.  When you last interviewed me I was just starting to write my new record. Now my record is ready to be released at the end of this month. I’m super proud of it and excited for people to hear it.  I played drums on all the tracks which feels really good. I’ve been touring a lot and will go back out in a couple weeks.

TT: What’s your current kit setup?

SC: Still have a DW jazz kit with a Roger’s snare.  I’ve had it since I was 16. I keep thinking I’ll get a new one but I think I’m kind of attached to it!

TT: Do you have a practice regiment?

SC: I try to. With drums I don’t always get to play them as much as I’d like. I play drums for my friend Betsy Olson which gives me a chance to keep up my chops.  Using a practice pad helps, I try to take that on tour. I practice guitar quite a bit though–I play every day.

TT: When we last spoke, you mentioned feeling burnt out or unmotivated while playing music. Now, do you have an arsenal of tips for Drum/life balance to lessen or ease that feeling?

SC: I’m in a better place now.  I think I just needed to slow down, take a little break.  I guess my tip would be not to give up. Being a musician is hard, often doesn’t pay much- but don’t give up, keep playing because the world needs more music, musicians, artists and inspiration.

TT: What songs/albums have you had a repeat lately?

SC: I love the new Solange record. I’ve had Frank Ocean on repeat.

TT: Any 2017 projects you’re working on?

SC: Well my record comes out March 24, so I’m excited about that. I also bought a Synth and a drum machine a bit ago. I’ve been writing a lot of weird spacey stuff. It’s been really fun trying to do some different projects.

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