Video Premiere and Tour Annoucement: Veiny Hands

By Lindsey Anderson

Tom Tom got the chance to have a chat with Brie, the drummer for Veiny Hands, a Florida-based band that’s gaining quite a bit of popularity. To get a feel for the Veiny Hands sound, check this description provided by their label BUFU Records and check the interview below!

“A rock quartet that’s fronted by Jasmine Deja and Rod Woolf, the group takes on a stark, stripped-down approach rooted in blues and post-punk on their latest Self-Titled EP, coming out on BUFU Records. The five song EP conjures hazy, obscure scenes of casual vice with a laid back, baked attitude. Rumbling backcountry guitar riffs prevail throughout, shifting from meandering and smooth to blasts of full-throttle post-punk. From the plodding bass lead of “Tounging” to the strutting leads of “Second in Command,” the group commands a steady control of their groove, ratcheting all tension.”


T: Is there a story behind the band’s name?

B: Rod came up with the name! He was playing guitar in his room one day and noticed how veiny his hands were. So, when we were wondering what to call ourselves, I bought up his ‘veiny hands’ idea and we just went with it. Initially we didn’t plan on playing shows but when we secured a gig, we were prompted to decide on a name!

T: How did you all meet each other?

B: I met Rod at a show. I had never played drums before but I had a kit in my house and started to jam with him. Rod lives in a big house that’s full of other musicians and Jasmine(bassist) is one of his roommates. Rod and I were practicing at his house and Jasmine came down and started jamming with us. One of my best friends, Tina, joined us a year later. She had moved back to Florida and we invited her to play keys.



T: How does the songwriting process work for you all?

B: Rod can write about 5 songs a day so he’ll write a bunch and decide which ones fit us the best. Jasmine writes as well so either Rod or Jasmine will come with a riff and we’ll all start playing along. One time we all wrote a song together about an event we experienced and that was really cool.

T: What are some of the topics you all cover in your music?

B: It’s all super random! Jasmine or Rod usually come up with an idea and I’ll blurt out a song title. The song ‘Mountain Goat’ is actually about watching a nature documentary on mountain goats. We were super fascinated by it so at a practice we decided to make a song about mountain goats! ‘Bushwick after Dark’ was the one we all wrote together. We were playing a show in Bushwick on our first tour and we got supremely lost. Getting lost at night in an unknown area was a really strange experience for all of us so we wrote a song about it when we got home.


T: You all are based in Saint Pete, Florida, what’s the music scene like down there?

B: It’s really great and people don’t even know about it! The music community is really supportive. It’s also really small and intimate which is really nice. We all go to each others shows, play in each other’s bands and are all really good friends.

T: You’re gearing up for your 3rd tour. Do you have a top 5 tour must-haves for musicians going on their 1st tour?

B:  Band-aids for sure, my fingers are always getting busted. Dehydrated soups and a tea kettle that plugs into the lighter in the car. We live off of those soups on tour! I think Newman’s Own makes the best ones! A hand-held steamer to de-wrinkle clothes. Vitamin C, since one of us always gets sick. And lastly, Cold brew coffee.

T: In addition to the tour and the EP, what does Veiny Hands have lined up for 2017?

B: We definitely want to record a full length. When we get back from tour, that’s what we’ll be focusing on!

Keep an eye out for the Veiny Hands EP on their soundcloud 
Catch Veiny Hands live:
3/15 Austin, TX @ SXSW
3/16 Austin, TX @ SXSW
3/17 Austin, TX @ SXSW
3/18 Austin, TX @ SXSW
3/21 Las Vegas, NV @ The Griffin w/ Acid Sisters
3/22 Pomona, CA @ Glass House w/ La Luz
3/23 Santa Cruz, CA @ Catalyst w/ La Luz
3/24 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo w/ La Luz
3/25 Long Beach, CA @ Alex’s Bar w/ La Luz
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