Video Premiere: ‘Alright, Spaceboy’ by Bat House

By Lindsey Anderson

Band Photo cred: Nick DiNatale

Nothing says ‘Happy Tuesday’ like a rad video premiere. Tom Tom got the chance to chat with Bat House drummer Nicole Pompei about the band’s new video for their track “Alright, Spaceboy.” For more information on Bat House, check out the press release below:

Boston-based psych/math rock quartet, Bat House, drop their track/video “Alright, Spaceboy” from their self-titled album. Due out April 14, 2017, the band recorded the self-produced LP at Converse’s Rubber Tracks studio in downtown Boston. The Deli Magazine raves the band are “the aural equivalent of kaleidoscopic jigsaw pieces from various puzzles that somehow seamlessly fit together– a complex sonic patchwork of shifting rhythmic structures, metered grooves, and infectious guitar chords.”

The unbound nature of free form expression cultivated in Boston’s DIY basement community brought Bat House together in early 2014. Comprised of Emmet Hayes (Bass & Vocals), Nicole Pompei (Drums), Alexandra Juleen (Guitar) and  Shane Blank (Guitar), the group’s sound draws inspiration from artists like Palm, Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Maps & Atlases, Tera Melos and TTNG. Throughout the summer of 2014, the band began writing in an underground rehearsal space called the Sound Museum, where they developed their sound and wrote their first handful of songs. The group then moved to a house deemed the “Banana Hammock”, where they recorded their first EP, ghosts, and parts of their upcoming 2017 release. During the two years spent in the house, the band established a sense of community in the DIY scene by hosting basement shows for nationally touring bands.

“Keep your eyes peeled for more from Bat House and their album that showcases a sound that “falls somewhere between a mellow math rock anthem and a driving, utterly punk-as-f*ck spectacle.” (Sound of Boston)

TT: What’s the story behind the ‘Alright Spaceboy’ video?

NP: The video is loosely based on an outsider’s perspective on what humans do to the planet. The character, Spaceboy, is infatuated with the spatial and natural elements of our planet and is driven mad by the ways we abuse the space around us.

space boy


TT: Is there a significance to the images that were chosen to play on the television set?

NP: They’re all representative of natural elements so again, referencing the character’s interest in the natural elements of our planet. We were going to use those images for another project but they didn’t really fit so they ended up being a great addition to the ‘Spaceboy’ video. They acted as an example of being exposed to the beautiful parts of our planet and as the images become more vibrant and psychedelic, Spaceboy’s sense of admiration for the planet elevates.

TT: How did the song come together?

NP: Our vocalist Emmet writes 80-85% of the lyrics so it was just an idea he had one day. We had the instrumental for the song for quite awhile and the lyrics just came into his mind. I think it was influenced by watching a lot of Planet Earth and nature documentaries similar to that!

space boy

TT: You mentioned that you all are influenced by Space Rock. What is it about Space Rock that interests you all?

NP: It gives us an opportunity to make our music really immersive because we can create vast worlds or experiences with each song. Our songs are pretty different from each other and take listeners on a ride. We’re given the space to take each song really far as well as the opportunity to get really experimental with the sounds we use on each track.

TT: What was the process for developing the drum part?

NP: I try to take a musical approach to my drum parts. I’m often thinking about the melody or guitar line, matching the rhythm to that and then weaving it throughout the song. One of my favorite parts of playing with Bat House is that the drums add another voice as opposed to just acting as the foundation of a song; which is what the drums typically act as in rock music.  I get the opportunity to try different things with superimposing rhythms and taking a more melodic approach to playing the drums.

TT: What do you want viewers to take away from the song and video?

NP: I wouldn’t want to propose an idea to someone on what they should take away from the video. All of us would want to give people the opportunity to define what it means to them as an individual. If anything, we’d want folks to experience a sense of reflection and/or curiosity.

 ‘Alright, Spaceboy’ was directed, filmed, produced, and edited by Alex Humphreys and the graphics were created by Jack Quinn

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Bat House Tour Dates

3/4: AS220//Providence, RI
4/8: Bard College//Hudson, NY
4/20: Metro Gallery//Baltimore, MD
4/21: TBA//Brooklyn, NY
4/22: The Sound Hole//Philadelphia, PA
4/23: Great Scott//Boston, MA (record release show)

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