Meytal Cohen’s New Promotion Platform: Erlybird

“In the past six months, I’ve been co-creating a platform called Erlybird. Erlybird combines the excitement of a crowdfunding campaign and a simple ecommerce site. The idea came through the release of my album Alchemy.

“When my album was ready, I wanted to release it in a big way. I didn’t have the support of a label to create a clever marketing plan, but I also didn’t want to simply put the album up on iTunes. So we created a page on my website, which essentially was the prototype of Erlybird.

“The response to the album release was amazing. The album ended up selling more during the one month of the Erlybird release than in the eight months that followed combined. And so in support of independent artists everywhere, we decided to create this platform which will allow others to have the same tools to premiere their new releases in an impactful and exciting way. The site was just launched. Go check it out!”


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