Transcription: Bat For Lashes “Glass”

By Mickey Vershbow

Here’s a transcription of “Glass” by Bat for Lashes, based on the live version performed by Sarah Jones. The original recording features layers of electronic percussion that translate into very cool patterns on the kit. See below for the video of Sarah’s performance, as well as video tutorials and a PDF download of the notation.

Note: “Verse” refers to the acoustic drums that come in halfway through the verse, after the sampled sounds.

Note: On the verse, you can also try filling in the space between accents with ghost notes to make it sound more full.

Bat for Lashes “Glass” Transcription: Downloadable PDF File

Sarah Jones, live:






Mickey’s blog, WWW.MICKEYVERSHBOW.COM/BLOG, contains transcriptions of other cool songs too!

Mickey Vershbow is a drum teacher in Brooklyn.

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