On Our Radar: Georgia’s New Single ‘Feel It’

‘Feel It’ is the newest single from Georgia and it’s AMAZING. 


For folks who may be hearing her name for the first time, Georgia is a West-London based drummer, songwriter, singer, and all around multi-instrumentalist. 


Georgia has been making music for awhile and gradually stepped from behind the drum kit to dive into singing, songwriting and producing her own content.  All of the work she has put in over the years led to her stunning self-titled debut record that was released in August 2015. 


“The 2015 record was written, performed, produced and recorded by Georgia in its entirety at her home-studio; it presented a very necessary new talent, one with real spirit and one that is unabashedly herself.”


This particular track caught our ears and eyes  because the video features some spectacular drummers including our pal Debbie Knox-Hewson!


Some of the drummers featured are friends of Georgia’s and some folks are from
a casting call for female drummers in London. 


The song and the video exude the passion that a number of us feel when we’re behind the kit or doing any action that provides a feeling so strong and positive that words can’t properly describe the experience. While it may be difficult to put that feeling into words, we all know that it’s a feeling no one can take from us.


Check out the video below and keep up with Georgia here

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