Double Interview with Bellz of Extra Celestial

By: Lindsey Anderson

Tom Tom was lucky enough to get a double interview with Bellz, the drummer for Extra Celestial! Tom Tom asked her a few questions and then her bandmates interviewed her as well. Enjoy the double feature!

TT: How did you meet your band-mates?

B: The singer goes to my school and the guitarist was taking lessons at the music box so Jim(Drum teacher & band manager) got us all together!

TT: Do you do any musical activities outside of the band?

B: No, other than playing on my own, the band is my main focus.

TT: If money weren’t an obstacle, what dream drum gear would you invest in?

B: Zildijan is definitely my favorite brand! I would want a 12-18 piece set of cymbals. Also, when I was in California with my band over the summer, I got to play on a transparent drum kit with lights flashing through it so that’d be cool to have.

TT: What goals do you have for yourself as a drummer?

B: Continuing to play with my band  is what I really want to do. As an individual, winning Drum Bash was huge and meant a lot to me so continuing to be involved in events like that would be great as well.

TT: Are there tour plans for Extra Celestial in the future?

B: There are definitely possibilities but nothing is set in stone yet. We’re currently looking at Georgia, Texas and the Carolinas!


EC: How long have you been playing?

B: 8 years, I started playing when I was 7.

EC: How often to you practice?

B: I personally practice at least 3 times a week. I practice with my band, Extra Celestial, one to two times a week.

EC: Do you get tired of playing live all the time?

B: No, never! It’s exhilarating to play for a crowd, I feed off of their energy.

EC: What motivates you to be so alive on stage?

B: I’m just an energetic person in general. But because I’ve been playing drums solo for so long, I feel so alive when I am playing with other musicians.

EC: Your stage presence is LIT–how do you keep your energy?

B: Adrenaline just pumps me up. I do get tired but I know that having personality and energy will get the crowd going.


Jim Cqahmbers Music Box
Jim Chambers Music Box

EC: Who do you feel is an inspiration to you? What about them inspires you?

B: Josh Dun (21 Pilots) because of his energy. You can see his energy when he performs and since the band is only 2 people, he really has to have triple the amount of stage presence to engage people. I want people to notice the drummer because most drummers are pushed into the background and Josh Dun has broken that boundary. I strive to do the same.

EC: Why is your stage name Bellz?

B: My real name is actually Annabella! My drum instructor, Jim Chambers, took the first part of my name off and added the Z which is how I became Bellz!!

EC: Do you have any interest in learning any other instrument?

B: I would like to learn the guitar and ukulele. I’m a little high strung for those instruments though so I’ll just stick to the drums.

EC: What else do you like to do besides drum? Other interests?

B: I like photography, basketball, track, being a roadie for my brother’s band INKBLOT.

EC: You’re in the all-girl teen band EXTRA CELESTIAL. How is that going?

B: It is going exceptional! We have been on the news a couple times, our shows are really packed! We all get along well which really helps.  We played some shows in California and in April we released our first single RESTART on iTunes! I will never get over hearing our music on the radio.


EC: How do you bond with your band members?

B: Practices at my house and at Jim Chambers Music Box, our manager’s music academy. We go to a lot of shows and going to California together really bonded us.

EC: Currently, what is your favorite band?

B: I’ve got two: Twenty One Pilots and Journey.

EC: What genre of songs are your favorites to play?

B: Alternative

EC: What made you decide to become a drummer?

B: Ever since I was 2, I would drum on random items all the time. When I turned 6, I started lessons and just fell in love with the drums.

EC: What was the first song you learned how to play?

B: I learned Pink Panther when I was 6.

EC: Who taught you to play drums?

B: Jere Watkins was my first drum teacher, but Jim Chambers was the one who really pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and keep playing and getting better.

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