Ana Threat Premieres New Album Cold Lve

Ana Threat is set to release her new full-length record Cold Lve on Friday via Austrian label Cut Surface, but you can stream the new album in its entirety today on Bandcamp in this Tom Tom Magazine exclusive premiere.

A self-described “world of haunted lo-fi garage sci-fi disco trash for loner bedroom dance parties,” Cold Lve is the latest project from Threat, a longstanding fixture of the Vienna art scene. By day, she’s known as Kristina Pia Hofer, a researcher who specializes in audiovisuals and feminist theory. But when she dons her alter ego Ana Threat, she’s a one-woman tour de force with a distinct – if sometimes strange and unsettling – artistic vision.

Ana Threat.

The album opens with “Chop Chop,” an avant-garde percussive attack of a song that serves as a fitting introduction to the album’s ethos. It’s a trial by fire of sorts – an unceremonious baptism into the weird and wild world of Ana Threat. Cold Lve is rarely harmonious and thrives in a haunting dissonance, coming close to approaching a more accessible melody on tracks like “Johnny Johnny” – a standout entry from the record’s first side – but even then, the song is prefaced with a guttural scream and inhabits an unsettling soundscape. The somewhat reserved closing track “The Walk Pt. 2,” too, occupies a less contradictory sonic space. But like with everything Threat does, its off-kilter drumming and vocals make it far from conventional.  On Cold Lve, Threat pulls from a diverse variety of influences and sounds – avant-garde, jazz, punk, and alternative rock influences are all clearly present on the album – while also embracing simplicity and repetition in the album’s structure and compositions. The result is a record that’s weirdly and wonderfully hers and hers alone.

Ana Threat celebrates the album release this Friday with a release show at Rhiz in Vienna, followed by another Vienna show in December and two Spanish dates after the new year, with more upcoming shows to be announced.

Cold Lve tracklist:

A1. Chop Chop
A2. Cold Love
A3. Johnny Johnny
A4. Clap Clap
A5. Sleep Sleep

B1. House Of Wired
B2. Penetration
B3. The Walk Pt.1
B4. Dead Moved
B5. The Walk Pt.2

Ana Threat tour dates:

25.11.2016 @ Rhiz, Vienna ** ALBUM RELEASE **
15.12.2016 @ Rosa Lila Villa, Vienna
17.02.2017 @ Freedonia, Barcelona
18.02.2017 @ Nebula Bar, Pamplona

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