Badmouth Mouth Off at Street Harassers with New Single



The energetic, five-piece band Badmouth is only one year young, yet has already made a name for itself singing for social justice. After a year of playing at studios and stages both at home and around the midwest, Badmouth releases their first single this week, titled “Resting Bitch Face.”  Telling the trials of being a woman in a man’s world, “Resting Bitch Face” is bound to empower you to stand up to both overt and micro-aggressive behaviors and commentary  in your own lives, and join them in smashing the patriarchy.

Badmouth’s new single catapults its audiences through a day in the life of a New York City teenager facing the ugly, frequent trials of street harassment. “RBF” is the ultimate culmination of a year’s growth as a band, featuring melodies, beats, and harmonies as intricate as the misogyny their lyrics describe. Every note they play can be interpreted as both a feminist call to action and a celebration of reclaiming hurtful, sexist language.



See them live at Alphaville in Brooklyn on August 12.

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—Katherine Gerberich

Katherine writes, makes photographs, and plays music as she goes about her life, telling stories both big and small. Currently based in New York City, Katherine explores image and sound, and the cross-section between the two. Enjoy her work, and feel free to contact her at





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