Save The Smell

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An open letter from percussionist Nico Turner (Cat Power) to save LA’s the Smell from being demolished. 

If you know me, you know that the Smell has been very important, influential, and crucial to my life as a musician. The Smell is an all-ages venue in Downtown LA, and has been the epicenter of the LA underground music scene for more than a decade now. The Smell is where I got my start ten years ago, where I wrote and performed my first songs; it’s been my home among LA homes.

Last Friday, the Smell, and all the surrounding businesses received a demolition notice, and from what we have learned, the plan is to demo the entire block and put up parking lots. (

If you care about the DIY Culture of LA, and venues that still support youth and the creative spirit, please sign this petition. Who knows if it will help, but we have to do something.

Much gratitude and Love,

Nico Turner

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