Review: The Big Fit by Skating Polly

The Big Fit
March 2016

(photo via upset magazine)

The ladies of Skating Polly are pushing the limits with braces and a vengeance. Their new album, The Big Fit, is already a viewer favorite, partially because of how they evoke memories of school days when it was so difficult to feel connected with the typical bombshells or musical theatre kids that chose to avoid the outcast. They are capable of showing anyone in the midst of struggle what the possibilities are to channel that aggression, sadness, irritability, and most common rebellion. The lyrics come off as sarcastic and aware of the inevitable surroundings that you have to put up with for the majority of teenagers (or office space) who don’t want to be defined by their environment. Their music is relatable to people far past their teenage years because of the universal correlation it has with all the difficulties in life that are not so easy to handle, especially when you are left on your own.

You can always tell when something is genuine, when someone shows how fed up they are in their tone. These girls worked with Kliph Scurlock (Gruff Rhys, Flaming Lips) to make sure their maturity and presence is evident in this album. With that merit, they wrote some songs on here that reveal the sincerity of someone yearning to be heard by those who don’t have much to look up to. The album drops on March 25th, and they will be touring the US in support of it. In the meantime, check out the music video for their song, “Oddie More” on Youtube or below. Watch these ladies grow, shred, and prosper.

Listen to this: while putting make-up on your best friend blindfolded.

-Lia Braswell

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