Review: Fantasm by Starlight Girls

Starlight Girls

Starlight Girls


Self Released

January 2016

Starlight Girls is a six-piece reigning from Brooklyn, New York. Their latest self-released, and self-produced album is called Fantasm, and the title is much like the feeling you get while listening to it. Their song “Fancy,” is filled with the hi-hat/ snare disco beat that you immediately hear and dream of teleporting yourself to shiny dance floor or hazy roller rink. You can’t listen to this song without feeling the need to dance in your tallest platforms, and most glittery outfit. Besides being extremely danceable, the album is a collection of their best work so far. It is produced by their keyboardist, and singer, Christina B. I am mesmerized by the rhythm of this group. The band’s name, and album’s name is evocative of the group’s sound.

Listen to this: when you’re in Berlin and walking to a discotheque that hasn’t changed in sound or appearance since 1980.

—Gabrielle Steib

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