Drummer Gift Guide 2015

drummer gift

Tom Tom Mag’s Drummer Gift Guide 2015

So you’re blessed to be in the holiday presence of a rad drummer lady. We know it can be tough to find a present as bombastic as the percussionist in your world. No fret. No stress. Tom Tom Magazine is here to guide you towards a creative drumming gift they’ll actually use and adore. You’ll find some unique suggestions for all ages and budgets from our staff and supporters around the world. And we won’t be offended if you take all the credit for the gift ingenuity.

— by Shaina Joy Machlus

The bookworm

drummer gift

Tom Tom Magazine subscription

Just Kids, by Patti Smith
An essential read for anyone who considers themselves a musician, or for that matter in any way a creative. The only thing possibly more inspiring that Patti Smith’s story is her ability to tell stories.

The DIY Guide to Drums, by Lisa Schonberg
A playful, beautifully illustrated guide for everyone to beginners to moderate players. And you’ll also find a link to a very helpful audio download of all the exercises and beats. Buy this in our store here!

GRL Talk: 231 Memorable Quotes from ROCKRGRL Magazine, by Carla DeSantis Black (Author), Shelley Hiam (Illustrator)
The very best anecdotes, advice, and wit of the magazine that was everything (everything!) to women rockers for a straight decade and remains unprecedentedly relevant today. Available on Amazon.

Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl,  by Carrie Brownstein (Sleater-Kinney)
This memoir rules. So honest and poetic. Get it. (Pictured Above.)

Stocking stuffers

drummer gift

Luckily, there are many literal bells and whistles involved in drumming. Go to your nearest music store and have them point you in the direction of the percussion section. There you’ll find a huge variety of bells, blocks, and tambourines to be added to any drum kit. Go wild.

Each drummer has their own particular size and brand they prefer, so this may require some snooping. Or just get these, ‘cause they glow in the dark. Pictured above! Glow In the Dark sticks from Hiptrix.

Iron-on Drum Patch
Can you hear the jean jackets and cymbal cases calling? Available on Etsy.

And if you don’t like this one, feel free to go ahead and make your own. Custom patches are available on Signature Patches.

These little things are every bit as important as they are easy to lose, so don’t ever hesitate to buy your favorite drummer a pack or two.

Moongel Damper Pads
These little darlings help eliminate any unwanted resonance and can be stuck and re-stuck for years of use.

ROOTS EQ cloth drum dampeners!
Reusable, heavy duty cloth dampening rings for your toms and snare. Practice without driving the neighbors nuts. Less sticky and mysterious than moon gels. These dampen the drums really well, and are beautiful to boot.

Evans Torque Key
The aerodynamic creme de le creme of precision tuning. For $19.99 via our shop, it is well worth it!

Tipani Salt and Pepper Shaker
Because who wouldn’t want to season their meal with creepily smiling, bow-tied drum shakers? Available here.

Ditto Looper Pedal
Get your Tune-yards on and experiment with this awesome gift! Available on Amazon.

Brush sticks
Maybe it’s just us, but playing with all sorts of brush sticks is always a treat. Because many drummers don’t have a budget for experimenting, these make a great holiday bonus.

Vater Percussion Monster Brush

drummer gift

Promark Retractable Nylon Brush
drummer gift

Rocket Rodz Bamboo Multi-Rods Drumsticks

drummer gift

Vic Firth Live Wires Brush

drummer gift


You’re crafty, are ya?

drummer guide
Drummer Tree. Crafty and Functional for storage. photo cred: Kristin Smith

Vintage Drum-Patterned Printed Fabric

drummer gift

Make your own drum stick holder

See this tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

Homemade personalized drum sticks
Buy a pair of sticks, permanent markers, and glitter paint and go nuts with creating a very personalized pair of sticks. Or buy these.

Make your own drum rug
Simple, easy, always useful; the possibilities are as endless as the carpet remnants you can get your hand on. And, we highly encourage any spray paint stenciling art to add extra flare. This lovely tutorial will guide you to make the drum rug of your dreams.

Go big or go home

drummer gift

Roland TD 4KP Electronic Drums
They’re costly, but they sound great and make practising in any space a breeze. Added bonus: the only person who will hear just how fantastic they sound is the person playing them (you’re welcome neighbors and parents).

The Ludwig Supraphonic Snare Drum
The show stopper and drum behind the most hit recordings ever. USA-made chrome-plated, aluminum shell has an totally balanced, unmistakable crackle, pop, POW.

Roland OCTAPAD SPD-30 Digital Percussion Pad (Pictured above)
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of beautiful percussive sounds and effects, this little box is easy to use but has gadgets for any level drummer or beat maker to stay busy for many holidays to come.

Drum cases
An expensive but necessary accessory for any gigging drummer who wants to protect their drums. Perhaps get a few relatives together and you can each chip in on one bag to make a full set! I’ve been using the same set of Beato soft cases for 20 years, and the zipper finally broke on one of the cases last month. A worthy investment. If you are able to drop even more cash, go for some hard cases or a hard cymbal case!-Lisa Schonberg.

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