Ten Dope Providence, RI Bands

Whore Paint_Mentone_TomTom

Ten Dope Providence, RI Bands with Female Drummers (in no particular order)

by Anna Claire Wingfield | Photo of Whorepaint

1-Gertrude Atherton

Three piece all female punk rock band.  Featuring Melanie Fuest on drums.

2-Death Vessel

American neo-traditional folk band featuring Rachel Blumberg on drums.  Rachel is an awe-inspiring percussionist who also teaches and has played in many groups including The Decemberists and M. Ward.

3-Whore Paint

Self described as a feminist, riff rock/ no wave/ crooner shred hybrid band with Meredith Stern on drums.  Meredith is a visual artist as well.

4-Extinction Machine

Heavy hitting rock with Kaleigh Melise on drums.


All female dirty punk band with Constance Strychasz on drums.

6-Way Out

Post-punk group led by songwriter Derek Knox, with Nick Sadler, formerly of Daughters, and Anna Wingfield (that’s me) on drums.  Anna moonlights on drums in Way Out while also teaching drumming at an all-girls school in Quincy, MA.

7-Field Drums

A new collaboration between Rachel Blumberg and Jeffery Underhill, both of Death Vessel.

8- Mother Tongue

Heavy vibes with Tess Brown-Lavoie on drums.

9- Me Jane

All-lady Nerd Punk.

10- Txoka Txoka

Txoka Txoka formed in 2005 with a sound they describe as “frenzied, fast-paced hysterics”.  In their current form, they have Lisa Maloney on drums and also feature lap steel, bass, and synths.

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