Tour Photos + Q&A: Demelza Mather

Demelza Mather

Demelza Mather is a UK-based drummer. She currently plays for The Hundredth Anniversary and Faux Flux. Additionally, Demelza has played for many other bands like Joanna Gruesome and Waxahatchee. She shared with us what she brings on tour plus some really rad tour photos.

Demelza Mather’s Tour Packing List

  • TOMTOM satnav (see what I did there ho ho)
  • Reversible underwear
  • LOADS of spare drum sticks
  • Cinco FaceTime party snoozer
  • A good selection of hats
  • Great snacks. 9 BARS (Eating in service stations can lose it’s charm pretty quickly)
  • Fluoro Tape & Sharpie
  • Laptop loaded with theme hospital and roller coaster tycoon
  • Polaroid Camera
  • EARPLUGS (save yourself from snorers)

Check out the gallery of photos from Demelza’s tours!


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