Ibeyi Debut Their New Track “Exhibit Diaz”


Modern slang is a problem for socializing on an intimate level with people you would like to admire. For instance, when a guy addresses you as “homie” after asking you on a first date (or should I say a chance to “kick it”) is kind of like something your younger brother’s friend would say in an attempt to act based on what he learned from endless television shows or movies with popular kids playing it cool in front of their crush. (Nice try, boys, but it hardly ever works, unless you’re Keanu Reeves.)

However, upon listening to Ibeyi’s new track, “Exhibit Diaz” (reinterpreted from Jay Electronica’s “Better In Tune With The Infinite”) my default reaction was buried in slang that most definitely doesn’t fit my usual preconceptions but, daaaayumn! That track is dope! Killer! Freaking awesome! It makes me feel like polite, Grandma Jean that accidentally slipped a slew of swear words out loud. The irony is that the lyrics are highly intellectual with a profound swing of melody embracing the action of the chorus, “I’ve got something to say/Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow’s on the way,” while the complexity of the beat complements the soulful, poetic statement.

The French-Cuban twin sisters, Naomi and Lisa-Kainde Diaz (Ibeyi translates to “twins” in Yoruba), are taking over quickly and effortlessly as their debut self-titled album released back in February has attracted attention worldwide with a prominent spot on NPR’s Lists for both “25 Favorite Albums of 2015” and “Favorite Artists of 2015.” Richard Russell (XL Recordings) produced the track at his Residence La Revolution in London in July 2015. They have a busy year full of touring around the world which will run all the way into mid-December. Be sure to see these ladies perform before they start selling out stadium shows, or before you start replacing conversations with gibberish, whichever comes first.

—Lia Braswell

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