8 Awesome London Female Drummers

london female drummers
photo by Bex Wade for Tom Tom Magazine

Kaja Magsam profiles 8 awesome London female drummers you should know about. Check out these skillful UK drummers keeping the beats loud and rad.

1. Sarah Jones (Hot Chip, Bat for Lashes, Bloc Party)

Talented UK Female Drummer Sarah Jones Tom Tom Magazine
Sarah Jones is currently playing for Hot Chip and definitely one of East London’s most well-known female drummers. She’s a solid time-keeper and likes her triggers and pads. Watching her effortless playing is inspiring!

Here is a feature she did for the Roland BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad.
She also takes my bandmate’s yoga class and is a real nice chap!

2. Valentina Magaletti (Fanfarlo, Tomaga, Bat for Lashes)

london female drummers
Valentina Magaletti is a very versatile drummer. Having played with Bat for Lashes in 2010 and currently drumming for London-based indie band Fanfarlo, she is great at the pop thing, but also interested in more experimental stuff. In her band Tomaga she plays drums, theremin, prepared percussion and ‘mystery objects’. She performs regularly at the popular Krautrock Karaoke nights at Cafe Oto in Dalston.

3. Daisy Palmer (Feverist, Goldfrapp, Lillian Boutté )

Daisy Palmer-Photos Bex Wade-7-w500-h500
Daisy Palmer is probably one of the most virtuoso players among female drummers in East London. She can be a busy jazz drummer, but she can also lay down a solid pop groove. This lady is much in demand!
Check out her band Feverist’s tune Waking Up Dead.

4. M A R I N E (Drums: Kaja Magsam)

london female drummers
Marine are an all-female four piece who’ve been praised by music blogs for their confident songwriting skills and strong live performances. Their interwoven vocal harmonies and weird song structures have a taste of Kate Bush and Jeff Buckley to them. The girls have composed 7 tracks across their two EP’s centred around the 7 roots of all stories. Check out #5 in the series – their latest single “Sirens!”

5. Vodun (Drums: Ogoun)

london female drummers
Vodun put on one of the most intense live performances we’ve seen in a while. They describe their music as heavy-afro-psych, and the trio’s frantic shows make you feel like you’re part of some sort of tribal ritual. Their drummer – she calls herself Ogoun – has an urgency in her style of playing that is awe-inspiring. Check out their single Loa’s Kingdom!

6. Golden Legacy (Drums: Lorena Cachito)

london female drummers
Golden Legacy is a newly formed hard rocking duo that has recently started appearing on the London gig circuit. It’s raw guitars, drums and vocals – and it doesn’t need anything else, really! Listen to their first single “Saint Dark” of their upcoming EP!

7. DOLLS (Drums: Belinda Conde)

london female drummers
These two ladies are raw and wild and awesome! Check out Dolls’ single “Killing Time” now!

8. Cat Bear Tree (Drums: Sarah Smith)

london female drummers
This all female trio knows what they’re doing and they do it well! Cat Bear Tree’s live shows are a nice mix of pop with a DIY attitude, some solid guitar riffs and drumming that’s to the point. Check them out here!

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